Recurring Invoices have been redesigned
We've redesigned the Recurring Invoice feature to bring more clarity to the way you can setup and schedule them. When you click the "Create an invoice" button, you now have the option to choose between one-time or recurring upfront.
Included in this update:
  • The new Recurring Series tab in the Invoices list view is home to the master copies of your recurring invoices. They're essentially the templates that generate individual invoices. The individual invoices generated by each series will show up in the other tabs.
  • A redesigned Invoices list view to help you focus on your important items first. Included in the Unpaid tab are drafts, unpaid, partially paid, and overdue invoices. The "All invoices" tab houses everything, including paid and archived ones. We'd gotten a lot of feedback from customers that their list view felt overwhelming; we hope this helps.
  • Split one-time and recurring invoice creation into two different paths to bring clarity to the options available for each.
This update provides a solid foundation for us to build upon the functionality of recurring invoices. We know that many of you desire to have recurring invoices automatically send to your recipients and that you'd like to offer an autopay option as well. We'll have more to say about autopay a little bit down the road. We're happy to announce that automatic sending is actively in design.