Your Free and Pro plans are now better than ever!
Indy is always striving to grow and change
. Today, we’re excited to announce one of our biggest overhauls ever—an upgraded list of features for our Free plan.
The Free plan now includes
  • Unlimited proposals
  • Unlimited contracts
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited forms
  • And access to all standard tools!
Meanwhile, Pro users have exclusive access to enhanced tools geared towards saving time and growing your business.
New premium features are always in the works, and the plan will only get better with time.
Pro users can
  • Schedule recurring invoices
  • Enable 2-way Google Calendar sync
  • Upload up to 1TB of files
  • Create automated workflows with Zapier
  • And more!
The updated features list can be found on the pricing page.
🔌Zapier integrations are now in Beta
We have some big news to share with you.
Zapier high quality
Starting today, Pro users will have the ability to integrate Indy with other apps through Zapier, a third party service that allows for automations between different tools and platforms.
For the full list of instructions, check out this Help Center article on how to connect Indy and Zapier, but you’ll need to do this to get started:
  1. Go to your account settings
  2. Select the new “Integrations” option from the menu to the left
  3. Select Zapier
  4. Follow the rest of the steps in the article linked above!
Zapier integrations are part of our Beta program, meaning some features may not work as intended. Your feedback is as important as ever as we work to bring Zapier out of Beta and permanently into our suite of Pro features.
Unsplash images are now available for proposals
Pick from a library of royalty-free images
Unsplash integration is now complete! When selecting a header image for proposals, Indy users now have access to Unsplash’s library of royalty free images. This makes it easier than ever before to customize each proposal for your business, brand, and clients.
Save tax templates and edit invoice + proposal headings
Tax templates for invoices and proposals
It’s long been said that taxes are one of the two certainties in life, and this is especially true for freelancers. However, your tax needs may be different depending on where you live and the line of work you’re in.
We’ve just introduced a handful of highly requested tax features, just in time for the end of 2022. Indy users can now:
  1. Set and save reusable tax templates that can be used on line items in both invoices and proposals.
  2. Use these tax templates on multiple line items.
  3. As many tax templates can be added to a line item as you like.
Edit headings in invoices + proposals
Heading titles can now be customized on both invoices and proposals. You can now change labels to better match your needs, then save those settings as the default for new invoices and proposals.
Invoice bulk downloads are here!
Bulk export invoices as PDFs
You’ve been asking for it—now it’s here! Invoices can now be bulk exported as PDFs for your personal records. Just select the invoices you want to save, then pick “Export to PDF” from the available options.
3D Secure support and EU + UK release is here!
3D Secure support
Indy now supports 3D Secure (3DS) payment processing for Pro subscriptions. Whether your bank requires 3DS or you just want extra security, there's now one more way to pay.
UK + EU release
Our European tour has started! We are happy to announce that registrations for the EU and UK are now open. Thanks for waiting so patiently. We look forward to welcoming you to Indy. 🎉
New due date option for recurring invoices
Desktop web
You know when you need to be paid in order to get to work, and not all payments should wait. Recurring invoices for regular services can now be set to be due upon receipt if you need payment right away.
New Dashboard—now in Beta
Desktop web
The new Dashboard introduces a more action-oriented view of the things needing your attention. Here's a quick overview of the new sections:
Invoice income
  • Get an overview of your income over the past week, 30 days, or year. Plus, see how much money you have coming due or overdue with a quick link to those invoices.
Pending items
  • Unpaid invoices, unsigned contracts, and unapproved files and proposals live here. Need to resend one of them? No problem, you can do it straight from this view.
Tasks due today
  • We simplified the Tasks widget to focus on what's overdue or due today, with a quick link to view all your tasks.
New form responses
  • Forms have finally made it to the Dashboard! Many of you asked for more visibility into incoming form responses, and this section is here to help.
While in Beta...
You may switch back and forth between the new and old Dashboard views whenever you'd like. We'll be gathering feedback about the new Dashboard soon and making adjustments as needed. We'll keep you updated on the status of this Beta as it progresses.
Also in this release:
  • The ability to rearrange line items in Proposals had gone missing, but it's back now.
  • Invoice payment options have been added to the sidebar in the recipient's view so they're more visible:
Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 12
  • Squashed a few small bugs.
✌️ Team Indy
Invoice Deposits Fix and Choose Your Calendar Start Day
Desktop web
Invoice fix 🔧
An issue recently cropped up where you weren't able to delete a deposit after you'd added it. The issue has been fixed.
Calendar improvement 🗓
You can now start your weekday on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday from your Calendar settings.
UI update for buttons and fields + fonts beta changes
Desktop web
UI update
The recent Line Item Templates update hinted at some changes coming to Indy's design language. Today, this becomes more obvious: all buttons and fields have shed their pill shape for a more functional look and feel.
Fonts beta changes
The recent Google Fonts beta feature release introduced a list of 50+ Google fonts for you to use in your Invoices, Contracts, and Proposals. The font list has been modified slightly to streamline it and the default font is now Open Sans.
That's it for this update!
✌️ Team Indy
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