Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Today's update includes some improvements and fixes to make your Indy experience smoother.
  • More flexible forms
    : Enjoy increased character limits when creating and filling out forms.
  • Automations duplication
    : Duplicating invoices, contracts, or proposals now includes duplicating any associated automations to ensure your workflow stays streamlined.
  • Client file uploads on mobile
    : Resolved an issue where your clients couldn't upload files from mobile web browsers.
  • Proposals auto-saving
    : Fixed a pesky bug preventing proposals from auto-saving when linking a project and downloading the proposal as a PDF.
  • Email line breaks
    : No more wonky line breaks! We resolved an issue causing line breaks to render incorrectly in emails, ensuring they display correctly.
  • Invoice "Apply to All Line Items"
    : Fixed a bug where the "Apply to all line items" shortcut was only visible for one highlighted line item.
They've been known as dynamic fields, tokenized fields, merge fields – we call them Smart Fields.
Wave goodbye to static, one-size-fits-all messages. Now, you can sprinkle a little magic into your email templates and watch them come to life with dynamic content.
Add Smart Fields to your email messages
When sending Invoices, Contracts, and Proposals, click on the "Add smart field" button to bring up a list of available properties.
Or conveniently add them inside the editor by typing double curly brackets "{{":
💡Pro Tip:
You can always "Send yourself a test" email to see how it works.
Add Smart Fields to your predefined message templates
Smart Fields can also be accessed when managing your message templates.
This is just the beginning! We're continuously working to expand Smart Fields functionality, with plans to integrate them into other areas such as Contracts and Proposals templates. Stay tuned for even more time-saving features to streamline your admin tasks.
We appreciate your continued support as we strive to enhance your Indy experience! Here's a rundown of today's release:
  • Forms enhancement:
    There is no longer a limit of 10 options for the form elements: Dropdown, Single Choice, and Multiple Choice. Enjoy greater flexibility!
  • Saving invoice currencies:
    Resolved a bug where currency changes weren't properly saving when invoices were exported to PDFs or marked as sent.
  • Recurring invoice dates:
    Fixed an issue with recurring invoices where some generated invoices were displaying an incorrect issued date.
  • Automation Previews:
    Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when setting up a proposal-to-invoice automation and then previewing the invoice.



Happy New Year 🎉

We're kicking off the new year with more optimizations to ensure Indy runs smoothly:
  • More accurate automation previews:
    When setting up automations for proposals to invoices, you now have more accurate previews that reflect the packages added in your proposals.
  • Better custom fields in invoices:
    We've enhanced the editing and display of custom fields in invoices, accommodating any amount of text you wish to add.
  • A smarter Digital Assistant:
    The Digital Assistant has been upgraded with new AI models, ensuring improved accuracy in text generation.
  • Custom contracts:
    Resolved an issue causing undesirable line breaks to be added after headings in the Custom Contract editor.
  • Sent emails:
    Addressed an issue that prevented your business address from properly rendering in sent emails.
A big shoutout to our amazing community members for your eagle-eyed bug spotting! We've rolled up our sleeves and got to work to mae sure Indy is running smoother than ever. Here's what's new:
  • Invoices:
    Resolved an issue causing the app to crash if an elusive "." found its way into the discount field. No more crashes—smooth sailing with your invoicing!
  • Proposals:
    Fixed multiple bugs impacting the generation of shareable links when resending a proposal. Also, proposals are now seamlessly linking to projects again.
  • Forms:
    Addressed an issue where header images were misbehaving, not displaying in the correct aspect ratio, and getting cropped. Now, they're picture-perfect.
  • White-labeling:
    A rogue Indy branding bar that made its way into the contracts editor has been removed.
  • People and Files:
    Fixed a bug that prevented saving contacts or applying changes to files when list views were filtered and sorted.
Wishing you all a joyful holiday season and a fantastic New Year!
Now you can save your brilliantly crafted proposals as templates for future use.
Say goodbye to the proposal hustle and hello to streamlined workflows, turbocharged efficiency, and greater consistency.
Just click the 3-dot button in the editor:
Whenever you need to create a proposal, your saved templates will be at your beck and call in the template selector:
Let the template party begin!🎉
We're excited to bring you Subscription Packages in Proposals! The old "Estimate" content block has gotten a shiny new makeover and is now called "Services". After adding the Service block to your proposal, simply click "Add a package" to include more options.
Your clients can now easily select from the available packages, and the choice will seamlessly integrate into your generated invoices if automation is set up. Alternatively, you can create an invoice directly from the proposal with the chosen package.
Great news — we've just launched some improvements that will make your and your client's experience run even more smoothly:
  • From now on, when you download draft invoices, the status will no longer automatically change to "sent." As the name suggests, draft invoices are still in progress so they won't display any payment information or links when exported. To share the final invoice, click the ‘Review & send’ step to see the available options.
  • Your clients can now easily switch between multiple projects on their mobile devices.
In this update, we reintroduced the ability to easily generate invoices from proposals without needing to set up an automation, like how it used to be 😅. Now, it's even more versatile, allowing you to create invoices not only from approved proposals but also from proposals of any status. Access this feature from the 3-dot menu next to the proposals on the main proposal list page or within the proposal.
You can now add custom fields to your invoices, providing you with added flexibility and the option to include extra details. Enjoy enhanced customization! 🛠
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