🔎 Global Search and more
The team got inspired recently to throw a nice quality-of-life feature into the mix. We have a few other improvements for you in this release, too.
Global search
You can now find what you're looking for faster using the new search bar in the lefthand navigation menu. Here are a few of the ways you can search:
  • By tool name.
    For example, a search for "Invoices" will show recent invoices in the results.
  • By person.
    Type a person's first or last name and the search will dish out every document or project related to them.
  • By document name.
    Search by invoice number, proposal name, etc.
There's more where that came from! We've provided a full list of guidelines within the search itself when you run one that yields no results.
Also in this release
  • Style preview improvement:
    It's now easier to preview how your branding and style selections look in your documents. You'll see the new interface for this on the "Branding & style" page in your Account Settings.
  • Contrast checker:
    We added a helpful contrast-check feature to the color selector, making it simple to understand if your text and brand color pairings are playing nicely for other people's eyes.
  • Private notes design update:
    We made the Private Notes feature inside of your document sidebar more pleasant-looking.
✌️ Team Indy
Commenting on Proposals 💬
We believe communication works best when it's contextual. Instead of discussing your proposals in email threads, why not do it in the same place as the proposals themselves?
We're expanding the comment system we introduced in Files across other areas of Indy, and it starts with Proposals. Now when you send proposals to new leads, they'll see the comment area next to the proposal and can leave questions and feedback for you, and you can reply.
We hope that this will help you get your proposal approved faster and provide you with a visible paper trial of discussion that you can always refer back to if needed (plus, it's easy to find!). We believe this will fundamentally improve the way you engage with your clients.
CleanShot 2022-04-28 at 15
Note: Proposals comments don't have hotspots like comments in Files do. We're looking into ways to help you and your leads leave more specific comments in Proposals.
More in this release
Referral links:
Gone are the days when you can only refer people to Indy via email address. Now you can grab your personalized referral link and share it wherever you'd like with as many people as you'd like. Go wild!
Invoice recipient view improvement:
We've added more clarity to the payment options on the recipient's view of invoices to help them more easily make their selection.
Date invoice line items for the future:
We removed the restriction that only let you date your line items in the past or present. You can now give them a future date too.
Ooh, ahh. Freedom!
We hope you enjoy these new and improved features. As always, please keep the feedback coming. We're always listening.
✌️ Team Indy
Bulk actions in list views + more
Bulk actions ✅
In the list views for Invoices, Contracts, and Proposals, you’re now able to select multiple items and archive or delete them in bulk. This update is paving the way for some other bulk actions that will be coming down the road, so stay tuned.
Updated invoice previews 👁
Now when you preview your invoices, you'll see it the way your recipient does.
Updated date format in Invoices 📅
The date column was previously shown in MM/DD/YYYY format, which doesn't work for many countries, as many of you use DD/MM/YYYY format. We've updated the date expression to be more universal. It now reads as "Apr 21, 2022".
Improved file preview on mobile 🖼
We've improved the experience of viewing and commenting on files on small screen sizes, making it easier for people reviewing and approving your files to do so from their mobile devices.
Auto-send recurring invoices and custom invoice titles
Desktop web
We have two quality-of-life improvements to share with you today.
Auto-send recurring invoices 🔄
With both automatic and manual sending options for recurring invoices, you can choose the method that’s best for the project and your client.
You have control over the frequency and start and end dates of auto-sends, even if that means having them run indefinitely. You can stop them at any time.
Custom invoice titles 🖊
You can change the "INVOICE" text to something else when you're building an invoice (it's now an editable field).
✌️ Team Indy
Global Currencies are here 🌎🌍🌏
Desktop web
Today, we're happy to announce global currency support! This is a feature request that received quite a bit of buzz.
The details
  • You can now choose your default currency.
    To do this, just head over to your avatar dropdown in the top navigation bar > Account > Getting paid. All new invoices, contracts, and proposal estimates you create will adopt your default currency, which you can change anytime.
  • You can override your default currency
    in each invoice, contract, or proposal estimate you create.
  • Available on desktop
    . This feature is not available on the mobile app (where available).
Using currencies with Stripe and Paypal
While Indy supports all currencies worldwide, there are limits to which currencies Stripe and Paypal support. We've provided ways for you to understand which currencies they don't support when you're selecting these options.
In the future, we'll be looking into ways to provide additional payment methods that support currencies that aren't supported by Stripe or Paypal. If there are specific ones you have in mind, there's a discussion happening here. Feel free to contribute to the conversation and/or vote on it.
We hope this release helps to fill a big gap for customers all around the world. As always, your feedback is appreciated.
✌️ Team Indy
Recurring Invoices have been redesigned
We've redesigned the Recurring Invoice feature to bring more clarity to the way you can setup and schedule them. When you click the "Create an invoice" button, you now have the option to choose between one-time or recurring upfront.
Included in this update:
  • The new Recurring Series tab in the Invoices list view is home to the master copies of your recurring invoices. They're essentially the templates that generate individual invoices. The individual invoices generated by each series will show up in the other tabs.
  • A redesigned Invoices list view to help you focus on your important items first. Included in the Unpaid tab are drafts, unpaid, partially paid, and overdue invoices. The "All invoices" tab houses everything, including paid and archived ones. We'd gotten a lot of feedback from customers that their list view felt overwhelming; we hope this helps.
  • Split one-time and recurring invoice creation into two different paths to bring clarity to the options available for each.
This update provides a solid foundation for us to build upon the functionality of recurring invoices. We know that many of you desire to have recurring invoices automatically send to your recipients and that you'd like to offer an autopay option as well. We'll have more to say about autopay a little bit down the road. We're happy to announce that automatic sending is actively in design.
Yearly subscription option
Prefer to pay for things yearly instead of monthly? Now you can!
That's right, the yearly subscription option is now live.
  • When you subscribe to the yearly plan, you get the equivalent of 3 months free.
  • If you're already a monthly subscriber, you can switch to annual at any time and you'll get charged for it on your next billing date.
  • We've refined the Your Plan page in your Account Settings to make it easier to modify your subscription preferences.
You can visit the Your Plan page to see your options.
Tasks Board view
Own your workflow with the new Board view in Tasks
With Board view, you can now establish a workflow for each project, so that all your work is clearly organized the way that works best for you.
Quickly filter by project
Each of your projects in Indy can have its own unique columns. If you just want to see the tasks you don’t have assigned to a project, you can select the “No Project” option.
Customize your columns
Add as many columns as you’d like and customize their heading and color. To save time, you can even make it so that tasks you drag to that column are automagically marked Done.
Drag and drop to rearrange
Easily drag and drop a task into any status or move the task up or down to change its priority.
Ready to give Board view a try?
More organized and flexible Contracts creation
Desktop web
We've done some reworking to the first step of contract creation. Previously, contract types and different vocational templates were all in the same dropdown list together, which made it difficult to understand the difference.
Now, you'll select your contract type first, then choose your other settings from there.
contract selector
Vocational template update
  • All the vocational templates are now batched together under the Project Agreement option.
  • We've added a ton of new vocations to the list.
  • The list is now searchable.
  • If you don't see your vocation listed,
    you can now add your own custom vocation and save it to the list so you can easily use it again in the future.
We hope this helps make your contract creation process a little easier! Our designers have additional Contracts improvements in the oven, which we hope to have hot and fresh for you in the near future.
Message templates
Desktop web
Ready to make sending your invoices, contracts, and proposals even easier?
Our latest update to the sending experience lets you create message templates that you can reuse anytime you're sending a document.
Using your message templates
When you're on the Send screen for an invoice, contract, or proposal, simply select a template from the Template dropdown. This will populate the subject line and message with the text from the template. You're free to fully edit it before you send it.
You can also create a new message template from there.
Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 2
Accessing and managing your templates
We've provided you with some starter templates. Feel free to edit these as you see fit. You can also delete them and start fresh—it's your space to do with how you like.
Your list of message templates can be accessed in your account settings.
Message templates
🗒 We previously updated the send screens to create a more consistent approach to sending documents.
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