Import contacts
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Bring your contacts into Indy more easily than ever
Your leads and clients are an essential part of the work you do in Indy and we're aware that you may have a lot of them that you need to add to your workspace.
Now, instead of just adding them all manually, you have the option to import up to 250 of them at once from a CSV file. This import option can be found on the main People page in Indy.
Invoice numbering updates
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Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 11
Some fun facts about invoice numbers:
  • Invoice numbers are now alphanumeric, giving you more flexibility to number your invoices in a way that works for you. Have letter codes that you like to include with your invoice numbers? No problem. Numbers, letters, and dashes (-) are now accepted in the invoice number field.
  • We've also added a Reference Number field in case you have a secondary number you need to include.
Please let us know what you think of these new features so we can continue improving upon them.
One more thing ...
You can now edit the message at the very bottom of the invoice. This is your space to add a bit of personality with a nice thank you.
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Add hotspots when commenting on files
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Coming in hot! 🔥
Review & Approve came to Files back in June, giving you a new way to send your work files to your clients, upload revisions, and get formal approval.
Today, we're introducing another feature to the mix: Hotspots.
Hotspots allow you, your clients, and collaborators to comment on specific areas of the file to make it obvious what each comment is referring to. You can still leave general comments without hotspots.
There are two ways to leave a hotspot comment:
1. From the toolbar at the bottom of the preview area
2. From the comment field in the sidebar
Lastly, the hotspot number is indicated with its corresponding comment in the sidebar, which makes it easy to identify each. Hovering over the comment will bring focus to its hotspot in the preview area.
Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 5
We want to continue improving hotspots, so please share your thoughts by leaving feedback!
Rearrange line items in Invoices 🍂
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A haiku
Line items, stone-still,
until a breeze stirs them 'round,
swift as autumn leaves.
Yep, it's true, line items were previously unmovable in invoices. Bummer, we know. But as of today, you can drag and drop to rearrange your Invoice line items however you please. Enjoy some of that with your morning coffee ☕️
May you be the breeze to your line items, and may rearranging them be a breeze for you.
Launchpad 🚀
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Today we launched Launchpad to help indies who are new to Indy explore a strange new product, to seek out new tools and new capabilities, to boldly go where no indie has gone before.
Ok, so we may have bummed that Launchpad mission statement off the mission of the Star Trek Enterprise, but when the icon is a rocket ship, you've just gotta.
Launchpad is now available in the main sidebar navigation and it isn't just for new users. Feel free to take a look, you just might discover something new!
Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 11
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We know, that's sort of obvious.
What we're talking about today, though, is a fresh new "+ New ..." button in the top widget bar that helps you speed up your workflow by creating new things faster, from just about anywhere in the system.
new button
Shiny. Useful. New.
New is the new new. Who knew?
Have fun with your newfound power of quick creation.
New Proposals features
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Make your proposal shine in a whole new way.
Put your best proposal forward and win new business. Now you can choose from a variety of role-specific templates and easily add in testimonials, work samples, and even a deadline date to get things rolling.
Never miss a minute with Calendar
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You may finally feel like there are enough hours in the day.
Calendar brings you a whole new way to manage your projects and clients relationships. Now you can schedule, coordinate, and meet with clients all in one place.
  • Google Calendar Integration:
    Share calendar views with your client, and take advantage of Google meet.
  • Task tool Integration:
    Plan your projects by assigning tasks and deadlines right from Calendar.
  • Time Tracker Integration:
    Track meeting times directly from Calendar and easily add them to an invoice.
Review & Approve now available on Indy
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Easily gain client feedback with Review & Approve
Many of you asked for a way to receive feedback and approval on your files, and we're happy to say we've brought it to your workspace. Now, when you upload your work in Files, you can easily share it to get feedback and approval from your clients and collaborators.
To get started,
simply upload your work in Files.
  • Add someone as the Approver, and they'll gain access to comments and will be able to approve the file.
  • Share it with anyone else, and you'll be able to choose their access level: "Can view" or "Can comment".
Q: How do approvals work?
We designed the approval system in a way that should settle any doubts about whether the Approver meant to approve the file or not. When the Approver is ready to approve, they click an "Approve" button, and then they must leave a message before finalizing the approval. When you get notified, you'll see the accompanying message.
Q: How many people can approve the file?
There can only be one approver on a file. If you have a need for additional approvers, please submit a feature request and we'll be happy to discuss this with you.
Q: How can I submit a feature request?
We definitely want to hear your feedback so we can make commenting, reviewing, and approving files even better. If you have ideas or feedback, please submit a feature request here.
Also in this update
  • We changed the name of Drive to Files to reflect all that you can now do with the tool.
Customizable Contracts are here
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Customize contracts to fit your needs.
Our contract templates now give you the ability to fully customize any section. You’ll start by following the same intuitive steps to build it, and from there you can choose to customize it to meet your unique needs, without limitation.
We’ve also improved the process of resending contracts, invoices, and proposals, making it faster than ever.
  • Bug fixes and UI Improvements
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