UI update for buttons and fields + fonts beta changes
UI update
The recent Line Item Templates update hinted at some changes coming to Indy's design language. Today, this becomes more obvious: all buttons and fields have shed their pill shape for a more functional look and feel.
Fonts beta changes
The recent Google Fonts beta feature release introduced a list of 50+ Google fonts for you to use in your Invoices, Contracts, and Proposals. The font list has been modified slightly to streamline it and the default font is now Open Sans.
That's it for this update!
✌️ Team Indy
Say hello to the new Indy logo
Independent professionals chart their own course and claim their own turf. They love to constantly push their boundaries. They live to learn and learn to evolve.
At Indy, we're also determined to constantly develop ourselves into better, more capable people and produce a better, more capable product so that freelancers like you can continue to push their boundaries every day without all the extra hassle. Like all good things, it's an iterative process.
With all that said, today we reveal another step in our evolution with a logo that speaks a little more to our personality. It's friendly yet professional and full of all sorts of hidden meanings.
Want to learn more? You can learn all about it in this article.
Line Item Templates + design updates for Invoices & Proposals
We announced on our blog last week that line item templates would be coming soon, and now they're here!
So, what are they? And what else is in this update? Well, if you want to know more, read on 📖
Introducing: Line item templates
The newest Pro feature, line item templates, has arrived. You can now save line items for the future or edit or delete them as needed.
The line items you save can be used in both Invoices and the Estimate block in Proposals.
line item templates demo 2
This update should help level up your ability to get invoices and estimates made and sent to your clients faster than ever.
Design updates for Invoices & Proposals
The line item interface has been redesigned for a more modern, streamlined look and feel. The text is bigger and easier to read.
Line items
The logo area has grown up too. It's bigger than before and suits tall, square, and wide logos equally well. They're no longer constrained to a small square.
logo side by side
In Invoices,
your contact info has moved into a two-column layout with your recipient's contact info. This cleans up the interface nicely. The entire canvas area of the invoice builder has been refined — no more yellow fields.
Also, if you don't add your logo to an invoice, no problem! The invoice title shifts over to fill that space on the final document on its own.
Preview - No logo
In Proposals,
the logo has moved downward, giving more room for the background image to express itself. The title is no longer overlaid on the image. These changes make everything cleaner and easier to read.
The expiration date is now located under the title to give it more visual prominence. It's still optional.
Here are examples of what the header area of your proposals can look like, depending on whether you've added a background image or logo:
proposal header examples
the views for your clients have been streamlined on mobile as well. If they open an invoice on their mobile device, they'll see this:
invoices mobile
And for proposals, this:
Proposals mobile
We hope these changes help you get things done faster and look even more professional while you're at it.
✌️ Team Indy
💬 Commenting in Invoices + some improvements
The commenting system has come to Invoices!
Tired of questions and comments getting lost in email threads? Now, your clients can leave feedback for you right on each invoice. With discussions happening contextually, you won’t need to go digging for them ever again.
Also in this release
Invoices + Proposals
  • You can now update the names of the discount and tax fields
  • Percentage-based discounts! Choose between that or a flat amount.
Just Invoices
  • Mark paid invoices as unpaid
  • You can now change your default calendar
  • We made it easier to see your permission levels for the calendars you add
International-friendly updates to Contracts ✍️
We've recently made Indy available in more places around the world 🌎🌍🌏
As a result, we've made some updates to the text inside of Contracts for location information.
  • Renamed the “State” label to “Location”
  • Full addresses no longer appear in the contract. Our research and discussions with lawyers uncovered that there's already enough identifiable information in the contract for you to add that you don't need to also include addresses.
  • Location is now used purely for the Governing Law and Arbitration clauses to help you cover yourself in case of unexpected lawsuits across international borders.
  • Updated the opening clause (first paragraph) to be purely focused on defining the roles of both parties.
🗒 These changes only impact new and draft contracts—not the ones you've already sent.
We hope you find these updates helpful!
✌️ Team Indy
Backdating invoices and Form notification improvements
We have a couple of nice quality-of-life improvements in today's release.
  • You can now backdate your invoice due date and line item dates. Time is your oyster!
  • We've improved the way you receive notifications about form responses in-app
✌️ Team Indy
Google Fonts (beta)
Today, we're happy to announce the start of a new world of customization.
Before, you just had our standard font to use in your documents and, while it looks nice, it might not best represent your brand.
Now you have access to more than 50 Google fonts
in Invoices, Contracts, and Proposals.
Simply navigate to Account Settings > Branding & Style to select your default font. Your default font will be the one that's automatically selected in new documents you create. You can override it in individual documents.
The font list is curated and tested by our design team to ensure your recipients can clearly read your documents and that the fonts fit well within the document interface. Therefore, the list just contains serif and sans serif fonts, no script, display, or mono fonts at this time.
We hope you're as excited about this as we are. A simple font change makes a world of difference in how your documents look when you send them to clients.
About the beta part...
We're calling this a beta because it isn't fully rolled out yet. Upcoming plans include font support in Forms and more customization options.
Please note
Font customization doesn't apply to the Indy interface, just to the documents you create and share with your clients.
Also in this release
  • Improved the preview for Proposals
  • In Invoices, the Reference Number will only display in the final invoice if you add information in the field
✌️ Team Indy
🔎 Global Search and more
The team got inspired recently to throw a nice quality-of-life feature into the mix. We have a few other improvements for you in this release, too.
Global search
You can now find what you're looking for faster using the new search bar in the lefthand navigation menu. Here are a few of the ways you can search:
  • By tool name.
    For example, a search for "Invoices" will show recent invoices in the results.
  • By person.
    Type a person's first or last name and the search will dish out every document or project related to them.
  • By document name.
    Search by invoice number, proposal name, etc.
There's more where that came from! We've provided a full list of guidelines within the search itself when you run one that yields no results.
Also in this release
  • Style preview improvement:
    It's now easier to preview how your branding and style selections look in your documents. You'll see the new interface for this on the "Branding & style" page in your Account Settings.
  • Contrast checker:
    We added a helpful contrast-check feature to the color selector, making it simple to understand if your text and brand color pairings are playing nicely for other people's eyes.
  • Private notes design update:
    We made the Private Notes feature inside of your document sidebar more pleasant-looking.
✌️ Team Indy
Commenting on Proposals 💬
We believe communication works best when it's contextual. Instead of discussing your proposals in email threads, why not do it in the same place as the proposals themselves?
We're expanding the comment system we introduced in Files across other areas of Indy, and it starts with Proposals. Now when you send proposals to new leads, they'll see the comment area next to the proposal and can leave questions and feedback for you, and you can reply.
We hope that this will help you get your proposal approved faster and provide you with a visible paper trial of discussion that you can always refer back to if needed (plus, it's easy to find!). We believe this will fundamentally improve the way you engage with your clients.
CleanShot 2022-04-28 at 15
Note: Proposals comments don't have hotspots like comments in Files do. We're looking into ways to help you and your leads leave more specific comments in Proposals.
More in this release
Referral links:
Gone are the days when you can only refer people to Indy via email address. Now you can grab your personalized referral link and share it wherever you'd like with as many people as you'd like. Go wild!
Invoice recipient view improvement:
We've added more clarity to the payment options on the recipient's view of invoices to help them more easily make their selection.
Date invoice line items for the future:
We removed the restriction that only let you date your line items in the past or present. You can now give them a future date too.
Ooh, ahh. Freedom!
We hope you enjoy these new and improved features. As always, please keep the feedback coming. We're always listening.
✌️ Team Indy
Bulk actions in list views + more
Bulk actions ✅
In the list views for Invoices, Contracts, and Proposals, you’re now able to select multiple items and archive or delete them in bulk. This update is paving the way for some other bulk actions that will be coming down the road, so stay tuned.
Updated invoice previews 👁
Now when you preview your invoices, you'll see it the way your recipient does.
Updated date format in Invoices 📅
The date column was previously shown in MM/DD/YYYY format, which doesn't work for many countries, as many of you use DD/MM/YYYY format. We've updated the date expression to be more universal. It now reads as "Apr 21, 2022".
Improved file preview on mobile 🖼
We've improved the experience of viewing and commenting on files on small screen sizes, making it easier for people reviewing and approving your files to do so from their mobile devices.
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