Today's update includes some improvements and fixes to make your Indy experience smoother.
  • More flexible forms
    : Enjoy increased character limits when creating and filling out forms.
  • Automations duplication
    : Duplicating invoices, contracts, or proposals now includes duplicating any associated automations to ensure your workflow stays streamlined.
  • Client file uploads on mobile
    : Resolved an issue where your clients couldn't upload files from mobile web browsers.
  • Proposals auto-saving
    : Fixed a pesky bug preventing proposals from auto-saving when linking a project and downloading the proposal as a PDF.
  • Email line breaks
    : No more wonky line breaks! We resolved an issue causing line breaks to render incorrectly in emails, ensuring they display correctly.
  • Invoice "Apply to All Line Items"
    : Fixed a bug where the "Apply to all line items" shortcut was only visible for one highlighted line item.