The new Dashboard introduces a more action-oriented view of the things needing your attention. Here's a quick overview of the new sections:
Invoice income
  • Get an overview of your income over the past week, 30 days, or year. Plus, see how much money you have coming due or overdue with a quick link to those invoices.
Pending items
  • Unpaid invoices, unsigned contracts, and unapproved files and proposals live here. Need to resend one of them? No problem, you can do it straight from this view.
Tasks due today
  • We simplified the Tasks widget to focus on what's overdue or due today, with a quick link to view all your tasks.
New form responses
  • Forms have finally made it to the Dashboard! Many of you asked for more visibility into incoming form responses, and this section is here to help.
While in Beta...
You may switch back and forth between the new and old Dashboard views whenever you'd like. We'll be gathering feedback about the new Dashboard soon and making adjustments as needed. We'll keep you updated on the status of this Beta as it progresses.
Also in this release:
  • The ability to rearrange line items in Proposals had gone missing, but it's back now.
  • Invoice payment options have been added to the sidebar in the recipient's view so they're more visible:
Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 12
  • Squashed a few small bugs.
✌️ Team Indy