Review & Approve now available on Indy
Desktop web
Easily gain client feedback with Review & Approve
Many of you asked for a way to receive feedback and approval on your files, and we're happy to say we've brought it to your workspace. Now, when you upload your work in Files, you can easily share it to get feedback and approval from your clients and collaborators.
To get started,
simply upload your work in Files.
  • Add someone as the Approver, and they'll gain access to comments and will be able to approve the file.
  • Share it with anyone else, and you'll be able to choose their access level: "Can view" or "Can comment".
Q: How do approvals work?
We designed the approval system in a way that should settle any doubts about whether the Approver meant to approve the file or not. When the Approver is ready to approve, they click an "Approve" button, and then they must leave a message before finalizing the approval. When you get notified, you'll see the accompanying message.
Q: How many people can approve the file?
There can only be one approver on a file. If you have a need for additional approvers, please submit a feature request and we'll be happy to discuss this with you.
Q: How can I submit a feature request?
We definitely want to hear your feedback so we can make commenting, reviewing, and approving files even better. If you have ideas or feedback, please submit a feature request here.
Also in this update
  • We changed the name of Drive to Files to reflect all that you can now do with the tool.