Message templates
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Ready to make sending your invoices, contracts, and proposals even easier?
Our latest update to the sending experience lets you create message templates that you can reuse anytime you're sending a document.
Using your message templates
When you're on the Send screen for an invoice, contract, or proposal, simply select a template from the Template dropdown. This will populate the subject line and message with the text from the template. You're free to fully edit it before you send it.
You can also create a new message template from there.
Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 2
Accessing and managing your templates
We've provided you with some starter templates. Feel free to edit these as you see fit. You can also delete them and start fresh—it's your space to do with how you like.
Your list of message templates can be accessed in your account settings.
Message templates
🗒 We previously updated the send screens to create a more consistent approach to sending documents.