🔎 Global Search and more
The team got inspired recently to throw a nice quality-of-life feature into the mix. We have a few other improvements for you in this release, too.
Global search
You can now find what you're looking for faster using the new search bar in the lefthand navigation menu. Here are a few of the ways you can search:
  • By tool name.
    For example, a search for "Invoices" will show recent invoices in the results.
  • By person.
    Type a person's first or last name and the search will dish out every document or project related to them.
  • By document name.
    Search by invoice number, proposal name, etc.
There's more where that came from! We've provided a full list of guidelines within the search itself when you run one that yields no results.
Also in this release
  • Style preview improvement:
    It's now easier to preview how your branding and style selections look in your documents. You'll see the new interface for this on the "Branding & style" page in your Account Settings.
  • Contrast checker:
    We added a helpful contrast-check feature to the color selector, making it simple to understand if your text and brand color pairings are playing nicely for other people's eyes.
  • Private notes design update:
    We made the Private Notes feature inside of your document sidebar more pleasant-looking.
✌️ Team Indy