Bulk actions ✅
In the list views for Invoices, Contracts, and Proposals, you’re now able to select multiple items and archive or delete them in bulk. This update is paving the way for some other bulk actions that will be coming down the road, so stay tuned.
Updated invoice previews 👁
Now when you preview your invoices, you'll see it the way your recipient does.
Updated date format in Invoices 📅
The date column was previously shown in MM/DD/YYYY format, which doesn't work for many countries, as many of you use DD/MM/YYYY format. We've updated the date expression to be more universal. It now reads as "Apr 21, 2022".
Improved file preview on mobile 🖼
We've improved the experience of viewing and commenting on files on small screen sizes, making it easier for people reviewing and approving your files to do so from their mobile devices.